African grey parrots-Congo vs Timneh. Which one should you pet.

African grey parrots are beautiful birds of equatorial Africa. They are popular for their exceptional talking abilities as they can learn lots of words and phrases in very clear voice. Among all parrot species, African greys are thought to be more superior talkers. African grey parrots are of two types, In this post, I will tell you their differences and then you can decide which type is good for you.

African grey parrot types

1-Congo African grey parrot

2-Timneh African grey

Difference between Congo and Timneh African grey parrots.

Congo and Timneh are two types of African grey parrots. For some people, Timneh is a sub type of Congo but most of the people consider them two different types. Although when people are just saying African grey parrot then they are referring to Congo African grey.

Congo African grey parrot

Congo African grey parrot


Timneh African greyCongos are larger in size and heavier in weight while Timneh are smaller and lighter. Congos have light and dark gray color with the bright red tail while Timnehs have dark, charcoal gray color with a dull red tail.


Which one is more beautiful? The answer to this question depends on personal preferences. Congos are thought to be more beautiful than Timneh due to their lighter and even color distribution. Timneh are a bit over dark and have an unattractive tail, to me Congo look more beautiful.

Talking ability

Both types are almost equally good learners and talkers. African gray parrots have superior talking abilities than any other parrot type. They can learn a lot of words and sentences in very clear accent.


Congos are somewhat noisy and active than Timneh, but this thing really depends on individual parrot as every parrot has its own personality. For some people, Timneh are more calm and cool. They also mature quicker and start talking at the age of 6 months while Congos start talking at the age of 12 – 1 8 months.


As per numbers go, Congo are far more popular as a pet bird at homes.

Price and availability

Congos are more expansive but widely available. Timneh are less expensive and less popular.

Which one should you pet?

If you like more beautiful, popular  and active parrot then Congos are for you. Timneh are less expansive with equal level of intelligence and talking abilities. They have Darker color, calm personality and smaller size. Main difference between both of them is their size, color and price.

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