How to train your parrot to sit on hand

Training your parrot to sit on hand without biting it is an important step. Almost all the time we use our hands to interact with our parrots. We feed them with our hands, we want to cuddle them, we want them to sit on our hand and talk with us etc etc. But most of the parrots are not that easy, firstly if you pet a parrot he/she will bite the hell out of your hand if you move it towards him/her. If not it will get scared and starts shouting or go away from you.

Listed below are some steps from my experience of dealing with aggressive parrots. In this post, I will emphasize on how to train parrots to perch on the hand.

Training parrots to perch on hand

Step 1

At first, you have to determine the level of your parrot. Some parrots are less aggressive and will allow you to touch them while others are just like wild birds and will show a very strong reaction. If your parrot is very aggressive and don’t even let you near him/her. Then first you have to tame it.

Step one of training your parrot to perch on hand is to use the stick. Make a stick and start using it to transfer parrot from one place to another. After some days with regular use of the stick, your parrot will get used to it and will step on it every time you bring it in front him/her. After your parrot is completely comfortable to sit on a stick then move on to step two.

Step 2

Now hold the stick on which parrot is sited in front of you and try to give some food to your parrot. At this step, some parrots will jump off and some will get scared. So you have to do this step slowly day by day with love and gentleness. For better result sit at some place so that if the parrot jumps off it didn’t get hurt. Do this step till your parrot starts to take food from your hand while sitting on a stick

Step 3

Now ask someone to hold the stick in front of you or make some other arrangement. Bring your one hand in front of the parrot with the index finger in perching position and bring second hand with food in such a position that parrot has to perch on your index finger for eating food from your second hand. At this stage, if your parrot bites your finger then read the post on How to stop a parrot from biting. Do this step repeatedly with gentleness and hopefully, your parrot will start to climb on your finger. After some days you have to simply bring your hand in front of the parrot and it will climb on it.

Also, you can let your parrot off of stick on some bed, etc and do this step as shown in pictures.

Training parrot to sit on hand

Showing him food to perch on my hand and eat it

Green male ring-neck parrot coming for the food and i am forwarding my index finger to perch

He wants to eat food without perching so I move my hand backward forcing him to perch on my finger







green parrot perching on hand and eating food from second hand

After many attempts he finally climbed on my finger


Passion ,gentleness and comfortable environment is key here. Some parrots will take lot of time for this process.

Budgie parrot eating food on women hand

Food is key in parrot training

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