Ring neck parrot- Male vs female

Ring-necked parakeets also known as Rose-ringed parakeets are beautiful small size Afro Asian parrots. They are popular as a pet bird due to their exceptional talking abilities and beautiful colors. Male ring-neck parrot when fully mature has a black and pink ring around his neck, which makes it look very dazzling. It’s this ring due to which their name happens to be ring-neck parrot. Female parrots don’t have a ring around their neck, but they have a ring-type mark which has the same color as their body and doesn’t pop up like male parrots ring.

Difference between male and female ring-neck parrots.

Males and females are easily recognizable when they are mature as the males have a ring around their neck and female don’t. Baby ring neck parrots are extremely difficult to differentiate as both male and female look similar to each other. At that stage, only an expert can differentiate between them based on their characteristics. I will tell you some tips on “How to guess the gender of baby ring-neck parrots” later in this post.

Ring neck parrots male and female

Ring neck parrots male and female. Male has black and pink ring around its neck while the female has only mark of ring.

Talking abilities

Both male and female ring neck parrots are very good talkers and can talk in a clear voice. Male parrots have superior talking abilities than female, but that doesn’t mean females can’t talk, they can also talk, it’s just that male parrots can learn more words and sentences.


Sometimes ring-neck parrots can develop a bad habit of biting. They will start to bite everyone who comes near them as their beaks are very pointy and strong, so their bites are painful and can’t be tolerated. Biting habit is more common in female as in captivity when they get matured, they want to make nests and lay eggs but, that can’t happen so this thing makes them aggressive and they start to bite. Some male parrots can also adopt this behavior, especially if they are not treated in a good way. I have a post on how to stop parrots from biting click HERE to view.


As seem obvious Male Ring-neck parrots are more beautiful than female parrots. Although females are not as colorful as the males, but they are cute and cuddly. This thing is common in most of the birds, almost in all bird species male birds are more beautiful than females.

Which one should you pet?

If you really want to pet a ring-neck parrot than my advice for you is that you should pet both male and female. Couple together will be happy and they will enjoy each other company and also bad sexual habits will not develop in them.

How to recognize a baby ring neck parrot gender.

There are few tips by which you can guess the gender of baby ring neck parrot but, exact information can only be obtained through DNA test.

  • Female parrots become more fluffy and puffy when they are angry.
  • The female parrots usually have their head down, i.e. they have a small neck. While male parrots have a large and thin neck.
  • Eye pinning is more extreme in females they make their eyes more white when angry than a male parrot.
  • Female ring-neck parrots bite more often than male.
  • Voices- you have to hear them females make more noise and their voice also sounds a little bit different than male.

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