How to train your parrot and stop it from biting

Parrots are wild birds and some of them will show very aggressive behavior when you Pet them in your homes. Parrots can become aggressive due to many reasons and training them will depend on each individual parrot.

Most common questions that I am being asked from parrot owners are “How to tame my parrot, How to stop my parrot from biting, My parrot doesn’t let me touch him/her etc etc”. For all of you, I am writing this post to share my experience and research on How to train a parrot and stop it from biting.

Parrot training

To make it easier for understanding I am writing all the steps in their respective headings. Remember, Each parrot is different from others so you have to choose by yourself which steps will work best for you.


Food is the most important thing in parrot training. Birds and animals don’t have brains like us they get happy on getting good food. Similarly, they get scared when they think something is dangerous for them. Use food as a treat to give to your parrot when it does something good.

Try to feed your parrot with your hands. If it doesn’t take food from your hand, then put food near you and wait till it starts to eat. If your parrot doesn’t eat food near you then put food further away and try to reduce the distance day by day. Do this repeatedly and try to remove your fear from parrot’s brain, let him/her know that you are its source of food.


Most of the time when parrots become aggressive or they start to bite is because they are scared of you. When you go near them, they get scared at first they try to run away, but if you get too close they will bite. They bite because they think you are going to hurt them.

You must have to remove your fear from them. Move and talk gently if you are approaching them, then see whether they want it or not. Spend some time with them daily and don’t interrupt them if they don’t want it. Just sit with them and try to get closer day by day without making them scared.


Don’t give punishment to your parrot if it bites you. Parrots don’t understand punishments they will get even more scared and frighten and then things will go even worse.

Another parrot

Parrots are very jealous birds. If your parrot is showing aggressive behavior than bring some tamed parrot for a few days. When you will touch and talk with tamed parrot your parrot will immediately copy him/her. In a few days, your parrot will also start to do all the things that tamed parrot do.

In my home, I have 4 ring-neck parrots and when I talk with anyone and give him/her food others start to shout.

Changing person

Parrots are person depended some parrots will bite some people while they will be very nice with others. So if your parrot bites you and doesn’t let you near him/her then try some other family members. It’s probable that you will find someone to whom your parrot will not bite.

I have personal experience of this parrot behavior, one of my parrot only let my grandmother near him while he bites and get angry when anyone else tries to approach him.


Parrots are intelligent birds and if you keep them in the cage all the time, bad behaviors will start to develop in them. Keep your parrots engaged with some toys and other accessories. In this way, they will remain busy and it will be very good for their training.

Baby parrots

Baby parrots are easier to train than adult parrots. As parrots have very long life spans so it’s probable that adult parrot may have spent few years of his life in wild. Sometimes people catch adult wild parrots and sell them for earning money. If parrot has spent some years of his life in wild than training that parrot will be difficult and will definitely require some time.

If you haven’t already purchased/adopted a parrot then try to Pet a baby parrot as it will be easier to train.

Biting due to breeding needs

In wildlife, bigger parrots usually breed once a year, while smaller parrots can breed for multiple times. But, when we Pet parrots in our homes their breeding cycle is disturbed. It’s a natural thing when parrots get mature, they want to breed, especially this thing is very intense in female parrots. And when they couldn’t do that, they start to behave aggressively. Year after year parrot will get more and more aggressive and will start to fulfill his/her sexual desire in bad ways. Like it will start to play with some toy or other such things in a sexual way or do some other unnatural thing.

For a solution to this problem if possible keep parrots in couples so that they remain busy with each other. Smaller parrots are easier to be kept in couples. And for bigger parrots please don’t Pet them if you can’t afford a couple.

Make a bond with your parrot

Daily Spend some time with your parrot give him/her treats and try to win its trust. When you repeatedly spend time with your parrot soon it will start to know you. Slowly slowly day after day get closer to your bird and after some months it will start to respect you if you do good things.

At the End, I would say training a parrot is a slow process. There is no magic here some parrots can take lots of months before they even let you near them. Don’t lose hope and keep training them day by day till they start to become your friends.

Note- If you have some tips on how to train parrots then please comment them below to help others thanks.

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