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Our Exotic Parrot Breeders is a “click and brick” retailer/wholesaler (Celebrating our 6th anniversary!) which specializes in hand fed (syringe, NOT tube, fed) Macaw parrots.

We have over 70 different toys and cages as well in stock with the emphasis on SAFETY!

We carry most food lines with an emphasis on Goldenfeast, Kaytee, and Higgins for seeds, and, Zupreem, Pretty Bird, Kaytee, Harrison Bird Diet, and Roudybush for pellets.

We are an authorized dealer for first quality cages, such as Tri Birds, Strong Bird Cages, Featherland Bird Cages, Kings Cages and HQ Cages. Our specialty is stainless steel bird cages.

Also, we carry the best cage, rolling, and tabletop natural wood perches, made from sandblasted grapevine, natural and sandblasted manzanita, coffee wood, and sandblasted dragon wood. Natural wood is a must – the varying diameter of natural wood gives birds’ feet the proper exercise. Wooden dowels cause muscle atrophy and arthritis from the lack of range of motion in the feet.

Established in 209, we have been around for a while and have never let down our customers.

We have over 337 unique customers, mostly building the business by word of mouth referrals. Bird ownership is a prerequisite for employment at our Macaw Farm, so you can be sure that whoever you speak with has first hand knowledge of bird ownership.

We all need to take care of our birds – they have no one else but us.

In a perfect world, the rainforests would remain intact, and there would be no need to establish breeding programs, or buy property in the native countries where the wild parrots currently live, in order to perpetuate the many species which are now on the road to extinction.

However, we do not live in a perfect world, and it is almost certain that many of the parrots living in their natural habitat would be extinct within 20 years were it not for (1) domestic breeding programs (regardless of what one Greenpeace founder says), and (2) the outright purchasing of the actual habitat of these Parrots so that they remain in the wild (like the Nature Conservancy). Without credible, honest retailers and breeders, most domestically raised birds lead miserable lives, dying from neglect. Please make sure you understand the responsibilities of bird ownership before committing to take a parrot home. They can live up to 60 years (make sure to properly modify your Last Will and Testament), and it is best for them to stay in same household.

We turn away many people who love the beauty of exotic birds and/or want a parrot that talks, but do not understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required on a daily basis to keep these incredible creatures happy.

The truth has built our business.

Sure, we “sell” birds.

But we like to think of it as “placing” birds in good homes.

Our mission is to provide money to the breeders who are instrumental in perpetuating the species by educating people and placing these domestically raised birds in great, loving homes.


So the children will always be able to see real, live parrots in person, and we won’t be telling them stories that start with, “I remember when they flew in the rainforests….”

STORE PHONE: +1(415)323-3341

Everyone that is employed at our Farm must own at least one bird. Most of us have several. Birds are a part of our family now and forever.

In order to educate ourselves, we continue to attend all major trade shows, we have visited numerous manufacturers and breeders, and have acquired the best industry training available (Rick Horvitz and Ian Brown, the store owners, and Katie Calcasola are all Certified Avian Specialists).

We strive to provide our birds with the healthiest food, safest toys, and most social environment. Each day we rotate all birds out of their cage to spend time on our natural wood floorstands, so they can play king of the tree with their buddies and learn to socialize.

Also, they are accessible to anyone who is willing to learn how to properly and safely handle a bird.

And, we are always looking for great people to add to our staff as we grow. We offer a great working environment, a SIMPLE IRA plan, health insurance, and bonuses (plus the famous South Florida weather). Just email or call us to see if we have an opening.

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