Blue Crown Conure

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length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Ves
DNA Sex: Male

Blue Crown Conure

With its intelligent eyes and iridescent feathers, the blue-crowned conure is not only a favorite among bird fanciers, but it also gained notoriety in the 1998 movie “Paulie,” which featured a blue-crowned conure with a large vocabulary and high intelligence to match. The love-stuck, sensitive conure in the movie had the voice of NBC’s Last Comic Standing’s Jay Mohr and was actually played by 14 different conures. The typical blue-crowned isn’t going to speak even a fraction as well as that Hollywood parrot, but the species is known as one of the better talkers in the conure family, though it can be a little difficult to understand.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The blue-crowned conure is a native of South America, and its range extends from Colombia to Argentina. Its natural habitat includes savannas, woodlands, and rainforests. The blue crown is between 15 and 16 inches in length from its head to its long, pointy tail.

In the wild, blue crowns are known to flock with mitred conures and cause damage to grain and fruit crops. This parrot’s light forest and woodland habitat is being systematically destroyed year after year, but it is healthy in aviculture and easy to find, largely due to the movie “Paulie.” Because of this, it’s very reasonable in price.

Care & Feeding

This is not a bird that will be content to be locked away in a cage and left to play by itself. A blue-crowned conure prefers company, either a human or another bird. This species can cohabitate with other Aratinga conure species and get along well, but two different species should never be allowed to breed with each another. It matures at 2 to 3 years of age, and may want to breed at that time. If the bird is an “only child,” then the owners should understand that it needs as much hands-on attention possible.

Because most people cannot be with their parrot as much as the parrot would like, toys are absolutely essential for the bird’s emotional health. Toys also offer some activity and exercise. The best toys for a voracious chewer like the blue-crowned conure are made from soft wood. Chewing also helps the bird to keep its beak trim. Puzzle toys and toys with chewable grass and willow mats add some additional interactivity. Though the blue-crowned conure isn’t the most colorful parrot and might not catch your attention as easily as some of the other Aratinga species, its personality, talking ability (and movie fame!) are a big draw, ranking it among conure royalty.

A blue-crowned conure should be fed a nutritionally balanced manufactured diet, supplemented with fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy table foods. Conures have busy beaks, which makes Lafeber foods a conure favorite. Lafeber’s Avi-CakesPellet-Berries and Nutri-Berries offer balanced nutrition that appeals to a conure’s chewing needs. A properly cared for conure can live between 20 to 30 years.


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