Citron-Crested Cockatoo For Sale


Length: 54-60 inches
Weight: 615-920 grams
Banded: Ves
DNA Sex: Female



Citron-Crested Cockatoo For Sale

Citron-crested Cockatoo For Sale, the Citron-crested Cockatoo, Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata, is the smallest of the Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoos subspecies. They are critically endangered in their native range of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumba. Buy Citron-crested cockatoos online.

Features of Citron-Crested Cockatoos

The Citron-crested cockatoo has an orange crest instead of the typical yellow of the other sulphur-crested cockatoo species. They have pale orange ear patches. The underside of the larger wing and tail feathers have a pale yellow color. The beak is dark grey. They have strong feet and claws. The eye color ranges from brown through very dark brown to black.

The citron-crested cockatoo as an endangered species

The citron-crested cockatoos is classified as an endangered species. Its numbers in the wild have declined due to habitat loss and illegal trapping for the cage-bird trade. It is listed in appendex 1 of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) list of protected species. CITES protects endangered species like the cockatoo, by making the trade of wild-caught birds illegal. However, trade of the cockatoos bred in captivity is permitted. Each bird bred in captivity is given a CITES certificate to prove that it is not a wild caught bird. The CITES certificate must accompany its sale or resale.


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