Lutino Alexandrine Parrot

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Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39 n)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Ves
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking Ability’s: Yes

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Lutino Alexandrine Parrots for-sale

Lutino Alexandrine Parrots Tor -sale, there are some true colored mutations of Alexandrines in existance overseas which include the Lutino, Blue, Pied or “Spangle” and the Clearheaded. Buy Lutino Alexandrine Parrots for-sale. Since Australia has closed its doors to the legal importation of exotic parrots, all colored mutations of the Alexandrine parrot that are in existence within Australia are from hybridizing with the Indian Ring-neck parrot (Psittacula Krameri Manillensis).

Blue Alexandrine parrots for sale

The body is blue all over, darker on the wings than on their head. The wing patches are grey, their feet are dark and the neck ring is black and white. Buy Lutino Alexandrine Parrots for-sale. This blue mutation is much more difficult to establish as it is a recessive mutation. Both parents need to carry the blue gene for it to be able to show in the offspring. We produced 13 green birds before our first blue offspring appeared. You need lots of patience, as George discovered, while you are anxiously waiting for the first pinfeathers to appear. With the appearance of each new green bird he started to feel disillusioned and even started to doubt his record keeping maybe he had made a mistake with the ring numbers of his birds? Those frustrating years of waiting made the first blue bird born very special. His dream is now taking shape at last. He has bred to the 2nd generation or ¾ Alexandrines that carry the blue gene.

Lutino Alexandrine

The body is yellow all over with bright red wing patches. Mature cocks will develop a pink neck ring with some white in the front. Their feet are slightly colored. Lutino Alexandrine Parrots for-sale. The Lutino Alexandrine is a sex linked mutation and as a result Lutino hens are much easier to achieve than the cock birds. George hasn’t attempted to put a split hybrid cock back to a Lutino hen yet because his first priority is to increase the size and make the bird as pure as possible and to breed all weak characteristics out before attempting this. He has achieved the 5th generation of split Lutino cock birds or 31/32 as some people refer to it.

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