Patagonian Conure


Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

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There’s no end to surprises when it comes to this bird breed. Their versatile personality and traits make them a great pet for every owner. Super playful and full of positive energy, the Patagonian Conure, also known as Burrowing Parrot, is a popular and fairly common pet around the world. With a perfect balance between silliness and affectionate nature, they make an all-around lovable pet, with whom there will never be a dull moment. Add their pretty looks and all the cute chatting, and you’ll understand why people quickly fall in love with these little feathered goofs.

These birds are one of Argentina’s iconic sights.

These South American parrots are native to a wide region that mostly spans big parts of Argentina. Besides that, there are a few small populations in central Chilean province of Bio Bio. Patagonian Conure thrives in mostly arid and seemingly harsh conditions, such as the popular Monte Desert. They also nest in savannahs near rivers and streams, as well in open grasslands. Argentina offers a variety of habitats, and the Patagonian conure easily adapted to each one. At one time, they suffered due to illegal trade, with more than 122,000 entering the pet markets around the world. Since then, their numbers have been stable and increasing, thanks to stricter laws.

Patagonian Conure is a part of a monotypic family. This means that they are the only member, standing on their own with their unique features. Their closest relatives are Macaws and Conures, and they show very subtle similarities to both. These birds are robust and heavily built, with long tails and heads slightly smaller compared to the body. The adults reach an average length of 18 inches (45 centimeters) and will weigh a bit over half a pound (280 grams). Naturally, the large size calls for a lot of space, so keep that in mind when you buy your pet. Aviariesbird rooms, and roomy cages are all good choices.

While not really noisy, these parrots are very vocal. They are decent at repeating basic words but quite skilled in mimicry. Barking, alarms, whistles and similar sounds are all repeated with surprising accuracy. Your Patagonian Conure pet will have no issues repeating their name and other short common words. While this can be incredibly charming, it might make them best suited for household settings. They are also very expressive and receptive to music and love to hear some good tunes.

These parrots perfectly resemble their native habitat. Their colors are subtle and elegant, and really down to earth. The body is mostly a dark, forest green, with much darker, brownish tones on the chest and back. The main flight feathers are blue. Thighs, lower back, and rump are yellow, best seen in flight, with small patches of red. Around the eyes, there is a white circle, which combined with a black beak, gives an interesting contrast to the overall combination. There’s no doubt that Patagonian Conure is a sight to behold.

Low-maintenance and long-lived, Patties make a great companion pet bird.

Birds that are full of energy or large in size need a lot of space. The Patagonian Conure is both! Without enough room, these birds can be lethargic, obese, lonely, and have serious health issues. To prevent this, allow your pet to fly freely around the house. It can be a dedicated bird room or bird-proofed part of your home. Just make sure to supervise them, especially at first, to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

For their diet, a conure seed mix will be a great start.

Having in mind that the Patagonian Conure comes from arid, harsh habitat, is it any wonder that this breed is robust and adaptable? With a bit of basic care and attention, your pet can live easily for up to 35 years. This longevity and ease of care make them great companion birds. Mental stimulation is important for this parrots, though. Offer a lot of rope toys, perches and wooden plaything, which conures will absolutely adore.

There are many different parrot puzzle toys out there. Patagonian Conure loves solving them.

With a great passion for tricks and playing with toys, the Patagonian Conure has a naturally entertaining personality. Cuddly and affectionate once it gets to know the owner, this parrot will bond deeply with his human. They won’t hesitate to get head scratches and belly rubs when they can. Without a doubt, life with one of these parrots is nothing short of fun. You will enjoy their silliness and all the goofy tricks, and you will quickly catch yourself wanting to spend more time with your feathered friend. It won’t take long to find out why the Patagonian conures, widely known as Patties, are so loved and popular.


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