Peach Fronted Conure

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Lenqth: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

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With their lovely, cute looks and lively personality, the Peach Fronted conure is a loved breed of pet parrots. They are also one of the smaller conures, and their beauty has charmed many owners around the world. They are not as widespread as some other closely related breeds, but they are nonetheless a great companion parrot, thanks to their great traits and a friendly, energetic nature. That’s why they are considered as one of the best representatives of the conure family of parrots.

With their beautiful looks, fun personality and energetic nature, a Peach Fronted conure will quickly charm every owner.

These parrots are commonly seen in their natural home that spans a vast region in South America. It includes territories of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and a few remote regions of Argentina and Suriname. They thrive in the temperate semi-open habitats south of the Amazon River basin, Mauritia palm swamps, as well as the savannah territories close to the Sipaliwini river in Suriname. In their natural habitat, they have adapted with ease and are a thriving and common breed without a lot of potential threats. That’s why they are considered as a species with least concern.

Being one of the slightly smaller conures, they are much similar to their other cousins, while still introducing a few unique differences in their looks. The adults reach an average length of  10 inches (25 centimeters), weighing up to 4 ounces (110 grams). They retain a fairly long tail in proportion to their body, and that’s one iconic conure trait to remember. Their wingspan is moderate – 7 inches (18 cm) – and will serve to remind you of your pet’s need for ample room for stretching. So make sure they have a big, roomy cage and a lot of time around the house. Peach Fronted conures are monomorphic – telling males and females apart is not an easy task.

These lively conures are largely balanced when it comes to their aspects as pets. One of these is their noise potential. While they are not so good at talking like some other conures, they are also not that loud. They do like to notify you of certain things and strange people, and they do this with a loud, high pitched call. Other than that, the noise levels are tolerable and this conure might be even considered as an apartment pet.

The colors of the Peach Fronted conure are certainly one of its best aspects and an undeniable eye catcher. These charming little birds were grace with just the right color combinations, which, although simple, guarantee a beautiful parrot. The body is mostly bright green, with much lighter, yellowish lime tones on the belly and front of the neck. The source of their name is a lovely peach colored patch on the forehead, bordered by a light blue band. There is a white ring around the eyes, and a few striking blue feathers on the wing tips. These subtle gradients and mellow colors are a wonderful sight and a welcome change from bright colored exotic parrots.

To try and imitate their natural diet of seeds, nuts, insects, and fruits, you can start with a commercial pre-designed seed mix for conures. This is a great source of proteins and nutrients. As an added source of vitamins, you should offer a daily dose of either fresh fruits or vegetables. Another must is a fresh source of drinking water, as well as the much-loved spray baths. Being too small for taking real showers, these conures will absolutely adore an occasional spray bath. It will also serve as a key step to a better hygiene for your pet.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the cute and delicate looks of these parrots. They are far from delicate, with an admirable health, a hardy nature, and a great ability to adapt. However, to ensure you’ll have a thriving pet, you will need to take care of some key aspects – even temperature, plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and a lot of social interaction. These are friendly parrots who love human company and handling. To neglect them and make them lonely, will directly influence their health. Keep this in mind.

Peach Fronted conures are not scared of handling. They adore human company and will require a plenty of playing and interaction.

There is a lot to be said about the wonderful nature of Peach Fronted conures. These friendly and lively birds are a lot of fun. Being around them guarantees a lot of playing, cuddling, and affection. They have a big tendency to bond with their owner when kept singly, but once a mate is introduced they will not pay a lot of attention to their owner. They also like to occupy their time playing with toys, which will also prevent them from chewing on household items. All in all, these conures are a wonderful pet parrot, with a lot of friendly traits that will make them loved by the entire family. And if you’re single and looking for an affectionate little friend – then the Peach Fronted conure is just the friend you need!


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