Rcom-50 MAX Digital Incubator

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Automatic Turner Humidity
MPN: MX 50 Rcom
Model: Max 50
Type: Digital Incubators
UPC: 0641243278940

Rcom-50 MAX Digital Incubator

Rcom-50 MAX Digital incubator, The com 50 MAX digital incubator is one of Rom’s best selling egg incubators and one of the most advanced incubators available. The Rcom 50 is a fully automatic egg incubator with full digital temperature, humidity and egg turning control. Its simple menu system makes it one of the easiest incubators to use. Rcom-50 MAX Digital Incubator.

Main Features

  • Calibrated digital temperature and humidity display (temp. range 20°C – 42°C)
  •  Display of temperature in °C or °F
  •  Automatic egg turning with adjustable turning interval
  •  Automatic humidity control with built- in Antiblastic humidification unit to discourage bacterial growth (humidity range 30-70%)
  •  Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in response to the room temperature
  • Optimum air circulation with 5 BLDC fans with an air vent for adjusting air supply
  •  Enhanced reliability with Swiss’s Sensirion’s 3rd generation temperature & humidity sensor
  • Water empty indication alarm
  • Abnormal temperature & power failure alarm
  • Has the capacity to fit 48 hen eggs, 116 quail eggs and 24 goose eggs, all based on ‘standard’ Sized eggs the machine is supplied with one universal tray with adjustable dividers)

The Rom 50 has an in- built water reservoir and pumps humidity automatically to your precise settings. Water is heated inside the machine by an antiblastic
humidification method which discourages antibacterial growth. The Rom 50 also features a low-water alarm to alert the user to low water levels.


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