Verdi macaw

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Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2Ibs-4.4lbs)
Banded. Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

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Verdi macaw

The Verde Macaw is a first generation hybrid macaw, meaning its parents are two species of naturally occurring macaws. This macaw is a hybrid macaw cross between a Scarlet Macaw and a Buffon’s Macaw. The Scarlet Macaw is very beautiful, and intelligent, but a bit more wild than other macaws so it requires good socialization. The Buffon’s Macaw is quite affectionate. This mixture makes for a very intelligent and trainable pet, that can also be an affectionate companion. But it will also need a firm consistent hand in training, especially as it mature. Hybrid macaws are bred primarily for color.

Because hybrid macaws are a mixture of more than one type of macaw, the offspring are influenced by the traits and characteristics of both of its parents. Father’s have the dominant gene, so this will influence the offspring’s color and appearance. However the behavior and attitude are more unpredictable. Besides being a hybrid that is very colorful, the personality influences of the Verde Macaw are a good mix for an active, lively pet bird. There are many birds out there that have very boring personalities unlike the Verde Macaw. With the intelligence and attitude of both its parents it should also be trainable, and learn to talk and do tricks.  Finding these macaws for sale is generally hard as they are rare, and they are expensive. There are more and more macaw breeders however, so finding these macaws for sale becomes easier as they become more common.


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