R-COM ROM Brooder Nursery ICU MX-BS500N

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FULLY Automatic Humidity Temperature with 1 year warranty
Model: MX-BS 500N
Type: ICU Brooder
UPC: 0738283665349
Type: Digital Incubators
Brand: R-com rcom

R-COM Brooder-Nursery ICU MX-BS500N

R-COM Brooder-Nursery ICU MX-BS500N, Due to increased demand, we temporarily have reduced product selection available for delivery to your region. We are working to improve selection availability as soon as possible. R-Com Bird / Small Animal Pet Brooder MX-BS500 N. R-COM Brooder -Nursery ICU MX-BS50ON.

Product description

R-COM DIGITAL LARGE BROODER NURSERY MX-BS500 N ICU UNIT Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators, the -COM Bird Brooder / ICU unit is a must for every bird breeder keeping their chicks in a most sophisticated brooder. This unit will greatly enhance the ease and success rate of raising even your most sensitive species, Whether raising babies from day one or needing an ICU unit, this Brooder does it all. Automatic temperature control, humidity control, Anion supply, large tray for small to larger species, this brooder has it all. Easy to understand controls though one of the most sophisticated and advanced Bird Brooders on the market. Only a company as innovative as R-com, is able to offer you this superb unit. MAIN FUNCTION: Innovatively improve stability and durability with centralized heating system applying PTC memory element from carbon filmed heating system. Built in Antibiotic Filter / Deodorizing filter for outside air. Built in Anion activation function Water pump included for humidification Reduce up to 40% of electric power consumption compared to existing products EASY FUNCTION: Automatic Temperature | Humidity control and setting. Recessed brooding tray for easy cleaning 10 stage dimmer device for indoor illumination control Rotary Door PT heated humidification system kills germs. Reduce of fan noise inside of brooders and provide better pleasant environment (69db) OTHER FUNCTION: BIDC Fan for optimum control of inner conditions. Elegant outer design and optimum inner space distribution Alarm function in case of abnormal temperature SIZE: This is the Medium R-Com Brooder measuring 25 3/4″ wide x 18. 5″ from front to back x 17 1/3″ high


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