Rare Red Factor Timneh African Grey Mutation

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Length: 12 – 14 inches (32-26 cm)
Weight: 455 grams
Banded: Ves
Talking Ability: Yes

Red-Factor Timneh African-Grey Mutation for sale

Red-Factor Timneh African-Grey Mutation has all the great attributes of these popular birds. Though the Timneh is a less common subspecies than the African Grey Congo,
it’s a very intelligent and clever bird. Alrican Greys are known to be the best talkers in the bird world. They are able to learn 200 or more words and all kinds of tricks. They
also frequently imitate the sounds of their environment, and including people.
Many ornithologists have studied the African Grey Parrots for years. They have determined that cognitive ability in these birds is classed alongside that of the most
intelligent animal species, even a human toddler. Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her grey, Alex, have made major strides in the studies of this parrot and its ability to speak,
recognize shapes and colors and have an understanding of numbers. Red-Factor Timneh African-Grey Mutation.
The Timneh African Grey Parrot has the ability to reproduce any noise it hears in the home. It can sound just like a dog, a spouse, or anyone else that interests him. Some
examples are rather funny, like getting you to answer the phone when no one has called. Or getting you to go to the door and open it for your children, and your children
have not arrived home from school yet. One Timneh African Grey would love to watch the Ninja Turtles on television. One day some friends came over to visit. Upon entering
the door “Billy” stated quite clearly, “drop your drawers, I have a pistol”. Everyone, struck completely dumb, just looked at each other and then went into fits of laughter.

Social Behaviors of Red-Factor Timneh African-Grey Mutation for sale

The Timneh African Grey is its own bird, It has a different look and a different personality than the Congo. The Timneh is not as “king-like” and demanding as the Congo.
But like the Congo the Timneh is a little shy, yet far more outgoing than its counterpart. Timnehs will tolerate more commotion, doors banging and the general noises going on around him. Being a more relaxed parrot than its cousin it is easier to have around.
African Greys have a strong pair bond in the wild and it carries over to captivity. The Timneh will prefer a singular individual, and often someone of the opposite sex. He will
tolerate others in the family but stay attached to pretty much just one person. The Timneh can be silly and likes to play and frequently considers its human one big
personal toy.
Timnehs have all the good qualities of their popular African Grey Congo counterpart, It has taken a while, but the African Grey Timneh is now getting more recognition. It
has established itself as an excellent speaker with the perfect tone quality required by its humans to be understand, and can precisely mimic sounds in its environment. Rare Red Factor Timneh African Grey
The African Grey Timneh is equivalent in intelligence and ability to that of its Congo counterpart, yet with unique strengths of its own. Timnehs can learn to speak earlier
than Congos and are generally less nervous. In coloring they are a slightly darker gray and have a maroon tail rather than red. They are also bit smaller and less expensive,
but makes an equally fine companion. Being a more laid back version of African Grey, some keepers actually prefer this more relaxed parrot to its cousin.

Rare Red Factor Timneh African Grey Mutation


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